6 Strategies for Alleviating Lower Back Pain

If you’ve ever dealt with lower back pain, you know that it can be extremely debilitating. If you’re dealing with it now, chances are you’re feeling completely useless. You’re miserable, you can’t do anything and to add insult to injury {literally, there seems to be nothing you can do to reduce your pain.


Sure, you can take over the counter medications, but they only provide temporary relief. Plus they mask what’s truly happening with your back. And after they wear off, you return to square one. That’s a depressing thought, isn’t it?


If you’re looking for something new to try, these following strategies can alleviate your lower back pain:


  1. Work on your posture. If you sit for hours on end, consider a device like this one. It will keep your body aligned properly and will help reduce pain.


  1. Use willow bark. Did you know that willow bark is considered to be a natural back pain reliever. It’s reported to work at full capacity after about a week of use.
  • If you have kidney issues or are allergic to aspirin, make sure to check with your doctor before using willow bark.
  1. Bend your body. There are lots of people who have lower back pain who swear by yoga. Yoga improves core strength which in turn helps to protect the spine.  It also helps to improve your posture which means that there is often less pressure on the spine.  Less pressure means back pain.
  2. Lift with your legs not with your back. There are a lot of people whose back issues can be attributed to lifting improperly.
  • When you lift something, avoid bending at the back and then straightening up with weight in your hands. Bend at the knees instead.
  1. Sleep on a hard surface. While a soft bed might seem like a good idea, a firm support is important in your quest for less pain.
  • Ensure your bed is firm enough to support your back, but not too hard to cause discomfort.
  • The “safe” sleeping positions include on the sides as well as on the back. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, especially with your head elevated.
  • Find a Chiropractor that works for you. I’ve got a Chiropractor in the Fort Wayne area that works miracles.  I’d highly recommend him to my friends here in town.  But a good Chiropractor can give you valuable advice and treatment that can help keep feeling great. 


  1. Keep moving. During the day, you’ll want to change positions regularly. Alternate between standing, sitting, walking and lying flat.
  • This might be challenging at work, especially lying flat! If lying flat isn’t possible, make it a habit to get up every 20 minutes to take a bathroom or a coffee break.
  • Alternating between walking and sitting helps to relieve the pressure on the spine.


Since every person is different, there’s really no foolproof plan for alleviating lower back pain. However, these strategies are certainly effective at helping to minimize the impact of your pain. Over time and with consistent adherence, you should expect to start feeling better.


Say goodbye to back pain and say hello to your new life!

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