How to Find and Enjoy the Right Bottle of Wine

If you are anything like me you may catch yourself wishing for a glass of wine to help bring the day to a peaceful end.

If you are also like me you probably have some friends that know just about everything about wine.

You probably wish you had the extra knowledge necessary to be able to select and enjoy and enjoy that same glass of wine.

I have friends in the Sacramento Bay Area that really know how to enjoy a glass of wine.  They know what to look for and when they select something for me to try.  I can count on it being really good and enjoyable.   Unfortunately, when I try the same approach it seems like I fail often.  I often pay lots of money for something that I really don’t like.  Usually I just end up with something that’s ok.

Recently I’ve changed my approach to selecting wine.  I actually made this discovery by mistake.  One day I stopped by a Dairy Queen that happened to be located by a Cap-N-Cork…a Liquor Store in the Fort Wayne area.   I stopped in and described what I was looking for.  They helped me select some local area wines that had good flavor and were actually really good.

I think for me the issue was getting past my sense of pride and asking for help.  I’ve found asking for help really makes sense to someone with my level of expertise.


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